We are delighted to supply many of the best restaurants in the Merseyside and Wirral area all of whom report a marked increase in cheese board sales. As well as offering a truly local service we believe we are different from other suppliers of restaurant cheese because we provide:

  • Free delivery to suit any day/evening of the week, Mon- Sat
  • Exclusive cheese board selections, chosen to meet  needs and budget.
  • We don’t ask restaurants to order huge amounts at a time – we would rather deliver little and often to ensure maximum freshness.
  • We offer comprehensive tasting notes and flags, and we are happy to brief restaurant staff.
  • If required we can cut cheese into portions enabling better control of stock and simplify preparation
  • We are happy to help organise cheese and wine tasting events and cheeses for special events

 If you would like more information about restaurant or catering sales please contact us for further information.