by popular demand, we have a new selection designed for all those beer lovers.  The selection includes 200g each of the following cheeses:

Golden Cenarth

Made by Gwynfor and Thelma Adams in the heart of West Wales comes this soft, buttery hand made soft, rind washed cheese.  Thelma has been farming in Carmarthenshire for 42 years.  Her son Carwyn has been making this award winning brie since 2006.  It is an organic washed rind soft cheese with a springy, supple texture and buttery flavour. The rind is slightly orange-tinted from the brine wash it is given early in maturation and the flesh is slightly elastic in texture when young and matures to be soft and unctuous with a rich flavour of churned cream.  Golden Cenarth was awarded the prestigious prize of Supreme Champion in the British Cheese Awards 2010 Made with pasteurised organic milk and vegetarian rennet.  PAIR WITH LIGHTER BEERS, IPA, ABBEY, WHEAT, BLONDE ETC.

Lincolnshire Poacher

The marriage of a traditional cheddar style cheese and Swiss cheesemaking techniques lead to a cheese which is full-bodied and fruity in flavour. When Simon Jones first started to make this very fruity cheddar type cheese on the lush, chalky pastures of Lincolnshire, demand for it was so high that customers of the local delicatessen were limited to ¼ lb each!  Vintage Poacher is matured for up to 20months which gives a wonderful, deep malty edge to the cheese and a lingering aftertaste. Made with un-pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.  PAIR WITH CLASSIC BITTER, RUBY, AMBER

Devon Blue

Made in Totnes using the unpasteurised milk of Ayreshire cows and the French method of making blue cheese – using undrained curds and wrapping in foil to mature for 8 months.  The cheese is very mellow and creamy with sharp and complex blueing.  Made with vegetarian rennet. PAIR WITH BARLEY WINE, STOUT, FRUIT BEER, ANYTHING HOPPY


Char-coal cheese is basically strong tangy cheddar with the addition of edible charcoal!  The charcoal changes the texture of the cheese, making it moist and gritty.  It comes from Michael Lee in Yorkshire who developed it to tap into the current popularity of black food and to create something that would be a talking point!  It certainly is that, but we recommend trying this surprisingly pleasing offering!  Made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. PAIR WITH STOUT, PORTER, DARK BEERS

Fiery Jack


Cheddar from Procters Cheeses in Chipping Lancashire blended with chillis, peppers, chilli sauce….  Made with vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk. PAIR WITH AMBER, RUBY APA.


We will also include a pack of Millers Ale biscuits (or similar).


If you are ordering for collection in the shop, we have a wide range of local craft beers and will be happy to help you choose a selection to go with your cheese.

Price £32.00

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