WWe have selected 5 cheeses we think will be perfect.for your Easter cheeseboard or as a gift this Easter. The selection comprises:

Shorrocks mini (250g) Lancashire Bomb - strong, creamy and utterly delicious (pasteurised and vegetarian).

Cenarth Brie (200g) - from Carmarthenshire a rich brie with good vegetal flavours.(pasteurised and vegetarian)

Colston Bassett Stilton(200g) - not just for Christmas! We have selected this one for the Easter selection because it is just SO good at the moment and unanimously our favourite blue at present (pasteurised and vegetarian)

Jerseyhoeve(200g) - officially the World's best cheese 2016! A mature gouda made with organic Jersey milk on a small Dutch island with lovely, malty, rich grassy flavours  (organic, unpasteurised and traditional rennet)

Fowlers Sage Derby (200g) -Classic cheese from one of the oldest cheesemaking families in Britain. Traditional Derby cheese with a layer of sage in the middle and on the top. (Pasteurised and vegetarian).

One packet of Fine Cheese Biscuits to compliment the selection.

Price £32.00

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