Party Platter (serves 8+)

Are you planning a party?  perhaps you want a great gift to take round to friends or something to snack on during a visit to Liverpool?  If so, this may be of interest to you.  Our party platter is supplied on eco friendly totally biodegradable palm leaf plates, will include 7 different cheeses sliced and portioned, accompanied by fruits, nuts, olives etc and a separate plate provides assorted biscuits, quince paste and a jar of chutney.  The platter will serve 8+ people (or 4 very hungry ones)!

If you have special requests, for example vegetarian cheeses only, no cheeses unsuitable for pregnancy etc. just let us know and we will make your platter perfect for you (please ask if you want a different size too).

*Please note this product is not really suitable for posting and is best ordered for collection in the shop only, contact us if you require local delivery.





Price £44.00

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