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One of the most popular sessions at our monthly Cheese School is cheese and whisky night which gave us the idea of putting together a collection of cheeses for those Whisky fans everywhere.  We have made some pairing suggestions with the help of our good friend Murph from The Whisky Business ( but we really recommend you use your nose and your tongue to find what works well for you, remember practice makes perfect…


Gubeen - Made by Giana Ferguson at the Gubbeen House in Schull, Ireland. Gubeen is a washed rind cow's milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. The milk is pasteurised and ranges from gentle and milky to pungent and savoury depending on its age. Texture is smooth and pliant. Works well with seaweed/peat flavours, try the Teeling Small Batch.




Highland Chief - From the beautiful Kintyre peninsula, from a family who have been making cheese for several generations.  Highland Chief is mature cheddar blended with plenty of Islay malt whisky perfect with oatcakes (and a good malt of course)! Made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. Works well with Islay malts or anything with the classic peaty taste, try Malt of the Earth

Smoked Lincolnshire poacher -The marriage of a traditional cheddar style cheese and Swiss cheesemaking techniques lead to a cheese which is full-bodied and fruity in flavour. When Simon Jones first started to make this very fruity cheddar type cheese on the lush, chalky pastures of Lincolnshire, demand for it was so high that customers of the local delicatessen were limited to ¼ lb each!  Vintage Poacher is matured for up to 20months which gives a wonderful, deep malty edge to the cheese and a lingering aftertaste. The smoked version is oak smoked for a silky finish. Made with un-pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.  Works well with Smokey/Spicy flavours, try Yolchi Nas


Honey bee goat - Delicious Dutch goats’ milk Gouda with honey drizzled through the cheese, sweet and nutty with a hint of cashew nut flavour.  The Gouda is matured for just 6 months meaning that the cheese has a pliable texture and is easily cut.  Made with pasteurised milk and traditional rennet.  Works well with Vanilla/Coconut flavours, try Teelings Single Grain.

Dunsyre blue - Creamy and mellow old fashioned blue with sharp, blue green veins from Humphrey Errington in South Lanarkshire deep in the Pentland hills. Made with unpasteurised milk from an Ayrshire herd and vegetarian rennet. Works well with peat/citrus/salty flavours, try Port Askaig 100% proof.


2 packs Stockan & Garden oatcakes – classic accompaniment from Orkney


Where you buy your whisky is entirely up to you but we would always recommend using a local, independent supplier who will have the expertise to guide and help you in your choice.  If you live in Liverpool, head down to the Whisky Buisness on Fenwick Street and if you need further encouragement, your pack will include a special discount offer!

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