When our friends are poorly or upset, or just generally a bit down, we send them a little parcel of cheese with a special "Cheer up Cheese" card.  These little parcels are always really well received and the recipents always say that they did indeed make them feel better! (never underestimate the magic of cheese)!  We thought that other people may like to send "cheer up cheese" to thier friends and family so here it is.  If you just click to purchase we will send a little selection of assorted cheeses along with the "Cheer up card"  with whatever message you chose to the value you select.  If you would like to be specific about the cheeses we send - just give us a call on 01514283942 or email us and we will tailor make the selection.  Ahh just think of all those cheered up people.....

Price £20.00

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