LIVERPOOL CHEESE COMPANY FAVOURITES (1kg - serves between 6 and 12 people)

All of our staff have a favourite cheese and they make up a pretty good cheese board:

Ian's favourite:

SKEGNESS BLUE - From Lyme bank Farm in Lincolnshire,  this delicious, salty, creamy mellow blue with a great aftertaste features the famous “Jolly Good Man” of Skegness on its label.  The cheesemakers, when they started to make this artisan blue, were aiming to combine the flavour and richness of a stilton with the richness of a brie – we think they succeeded! Made with unpastuerised milk and vegetarian rennet.



Vickie's favourite:

GORWYDD CAERPHILLY - From Llanddewi Brefi, gorgeous and complex, mild yet tasty Gorwydd caerphilly has a crumbly, citrusy inner and a creamy mushroomy rind.



Dave's favourite:

ISLE OF MULL CHEDDAR - On the beautiful Isle of Mull at Sgriob-ruadh farm, the cows graze the peaty pasture close to the sea which lends Isle of Mull cheddar its distinctive salty, spicy flavour which makes this cheese a superb addition to any cheese board.  Made using traditional methods with un-pasteurised milk and animal rennet.


Kirsty's favourite:

CENARTH BRIE - soft, buttery hand made brie from the heart of West Wales with more flavour than usual in a British brie. (V)



Trisha's favourite:

OAK SMOKED LANCASHIRE - mellow, silky and lightly smoked over old oak whisky barrel chippings. (V)

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