IRISH SELECTION (1kg serves between 6-12 people)

Perfect for St. Patrick's day! 200g each of:

CASHEL BLUE - Cashel Blue was developed in 1984 and is Ireland’s original artisinal blue cheese made by Jane and Louis Grubb, with the milk of a single herd in Tipperary, Ireland. Cashel Blue is made entirely by hand using the Continental style of foil wrapping to create a soft, creamy texture with a mild, sweet blueing.  Cashel Blue is the ideal cheese for people who don't like their blue cheese too salty.  Made from pasteurised cows milk and vegetarian rennet.

COOLEENEY - Cooleeney is produced on the Maher farm in the heart of Tipperary where the pastures are rich and are surrounded by damp boggy land - an environment which allows the Mahers to produce this soft, ripe, runny camembert style cheese with a good mushroomy flavour and pleasing after taste.  Made with Un-pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

GUBEEN - Made by Giana Ferguson at the Gubbeen House in Schull, Ireland. Gubeen is a washed rind cow's milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. The milk is pasteurised and ranges from gentle and milky to pungent and savoury depending on its age. Texture is smooth and pliant.  Gubeen is perfectly matched with another famous Irish export – Guiness!

CAHILLS PORTER - This is a firm textured Cheddar type cheese with a tangy and full flavour.  Plain Porter (Irish Stout) is added to the cheese in a waxed truckle.  This gives the distinctive deep brown and white marbled effect. Made with vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk. 

RYEFIELD GOAT -  is fresh, soft, creamy and tangy.  Delicious on its own, this cheese can also be rolled in herbs, peppercorns or seeds for a stunning addition to the cheese board. Made at a farmer owned co-operative, Fivemile town creamery in Co. Tyronne, Northern Ireland with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

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