Luxury basket - strong & spicy selection

Wicker basket containing:

SNOWDONIA RED DEVIL (200g) - the ultimate chilli cheese, rich Red Leicester blended with chilli, beware it takes a few minutes for the heat to kick in! (V)

Y-FENNI (200g) - Welsh cheddar blended with mustard seeds and ale for a winter warmer (V)

ISLE OF MULL CHEDDAR (200g)- strong, mature cheddar with spicy overtones.

PICOS BLUE (200g) - dry and very blue cheese from Northern Spain, cave matured and wrapped in maple leaves.

STINKING BISHOP (200g) - legendary strong, pungent soft cheese from Gloucestershire - officially Britain's smelliest cheese (Actually quite mellow and tasty in flavour)!

Chilli jam(300g) - gives a bite to everything!

 biscuits with chilli

Price £42.00

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