Martha My Dear (serves 100 - 120)

Mrs Kirkhams lancashire, Soft mildly smoked Ballyoak, snowdonia extra mature, cashel blue, Snowdonia bouncing berrys and lots of heart shaped bries (coeur neufchatel) This arrangement is deceptive - it actually provides a balanced cheese board of at least 1kg of 5 different cheeses.

The cheeses on these cakes are to give an idea, you can select other cheeses instead.  We try to encourage customers to choose a bespoke cake and are happy to discuss options with you by e-mail, phone or a personal visit to our shop.  The price of the cake should give you a good idea of what a similar size cake might cost.

Follow the link on our Homepage to our Facebook page to see lots of pictures of other similar cakes.

Price £242.00

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