Lucy in the sky (serves 120-150 people)

Creamy Lancashire, Wensleydale with apricots, wensleydale with cranberries, Snowdonia Extra Mature Cheddar, Bleu D'Auvergne, Delice Cremiers,  Godminster organic cheddar heart and capricorn goat.  For those who like fruity cheese this cake cleverly incorporates half and half cranberry and apricot along with other best selling wedding cake cheeses for a cheeseboard to suit all tastes.  (other flavours are available)

The cheeses on these cakes are to give an idea, you can select other cheeses instead.  We try to encourage customers to choose a bespoke cake and are happy to discuss options with you by e-mail, phone or a personal visit to our shop.  The price of the cake should give you a good idea of what a similar size cake might cost.

Follow the link on our Homepage to our Facebook page to see lots of pictures of other similar cakes.

Price £245.00

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